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City of Boulder Access Management and Parking Strategy (AMPS)

Making it easier to get where you want to be in Boulder

How do you get around Boulder?

Commonplace is a geographically-based community engagement tool that is being used by the City to make it easier to get where you want to go in Boulder. Feedback from residents, commuters and visitors will help the City identify innovative parking and transportation strategies that support the City of Boulder’s commitment to sustainability and thoughtful place management.

We encourage you to share your thoughts about getting around Boulder using your preferred method of transportation, like bicycle, car, public transit or as a pedestrian. Posting a comment takes less than five minutes and your comments will be immediately posted on the Commonplace map. Your personal details will not be shared with any third parties without your permission.

To report an urgent safety issue, please call Boulder Police dispatch at 303-441-3333. If there is no immediate threat to public safety, use the Inquire Boulder website or mobile app to request non-emergency services from the City of Boulder.

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Project FAQs

What is AMPS?

The Access Management and Parking Strategy (AMPS) will help make it easier for everyone to access all places in Boulder. Building on the foundation of the successful multi-modal, district-based access and parking system, the Access Management and Parking Strategy (AMPS) will define priorities and develop over-arching policies, and tailored programs and tools to address citywide access management in a manner consistent with the community’s social, economic and environmental sustainability principles.

What is the goal of AMPS?

The goal of the project is to develop tools and strategies to evolve Boulder’s access and parking management to a state of the art system reflecting the city’s sustainability goals. AMPS is a cross-departmental effort that will be integrated with other city initiatives and plans including the Transportation Master Plan, Economic Sustainability Strategy, Civic Area Plan, the Climate Commitment and area planning efforts such as North Boulder and East Arapaho.

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